Saturday, September 14, 2013


Rolling hills
Un-wrinkled grass
Buffed surface
Patent-leather landscape
Refined by radiation
Unperturbed grazing ground

A steer cries out
A rousing bellow
Gnashed grass in hulking gullet
Black beast with tremendous shoulders
Incensed nostrils powerful clavicles
Perspiration gluts dried blood and baked mud
Groaning upwards
He challenges the sun
Countering its deafening roar
That's traveled one hundred million miles
Booming explosion remnants as visible light
An aerial bombardment
The steer clenches
Chewing and screaming at Noon
Wandering in conflict
In the range of the sun
Stomping on a mountain
Holding his ground

The steer follows a low rumble
At twilight
Sensing the sun’s retreat
Raucous chatter
An echoing din
Inside the thanes carry-on
Drunk and complacent
Pounding on candlelit tables
The steer marches undetected
With pummeling steps
Towards the mead-hall of the sun’s soldiers
A shady barn in his range
The discontent beast
Nudges the barn door
Silhouette in the threshold
Panics the revelers
Which incites the beast
Who clobbers fleeing victims
His dark hooves stained with flesh
Wiry thatches of black hair soaked in viscous blood
Fragments of thanes spattered
On large bales of hay
Stacks of dried grass trampled
Shady barn turned red in the night

The cow rests alone in darkness
Legs folded under
Knees relieved
Preparing for tomorrow’s defense
From the unrelenting sun.

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