Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Rose Bowl

So it was another Rose Bowl this month and I shared a spot with the lovely Shauna Jane from Night After Night.

I lucked out and sold this Cosine Crop-Top, a Repose original, to the beautiful Cassandra... these sell out right when I make them so I gotta work to keep them in stock.

My best customers!!! Erica , Alysha, and Natalie... <3 these girls.

Hey it's Shauna and her 'lil sis, Sam, from It's Mashed Potato Time

Kelsey from The Living Color looked great in this dress from Night After Night.

I always run into stylist Valerie Laven-Cooper, and she brought her nephew Rosie this time.

Sakina was so cute, this tiny studded denim vest almost swallowed her up, but she loved it.

Amanda Gilbert from Style Sight loved my stuff, and I had to get a picture of her great jeans.

Buyers like Ayaka from Japan make the Rose Bowl so lucrative for us independent vendors!!

Jeska and her family are at the Rose Bowl every month... she was excited about her destroyed dolls.

It's me Niky Lee saying until next time...

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