Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm always at the Melrose Trading Post!!

This past Sunday, I sold at the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School and took some pictures to give you a closer look at the amazing people that make every Sunday wonderful in West Hollywood. 

James picked up this awesome 90's Electric Fishing T from Repose with a lake scene that wraps around the entire shirt. 

Here's the lovely Megan of Vintage Redeux who kills it with her partner Rachel every week.

Bianca (right) one-upped her boyfriend Kahli when she got Repose's sweet 70's bell bottoms, with burnt orange and tan suede sides.  

Beardo got one of my dead-stock art deco 80s watches... I just found some more that I had lost thanks to Krista, who found them in her car.  I left them there last Rose Bowl :(

Larissa found this sick vintage riveted Mustang jacket from Repose, check out her blog:!!

Justine picked up one of Repose's mini cut-off denim vests.  These sell as fast as I can cut them, so keep buying and I will keep supplying.

Addison looks great in this Navajo button-down.  If there's one thing Repose does well, it's this style.

Here are the lovely Joy, Louie, and Andrea Nicole of District Vanity Magazine, always filled with love.

The darling Junko Watanabe of Purrr Remake Los Angeles has a crowded booth all day.

What can I say there were a lot of back-to-school shoppers and Page got a mini-Pancho from Repose.

Sabin wins the prestigious "Best Dressed" award from Repose in her blue striped 70's knit dress.

Wallis looks great in this silk, scarf-print blouse with fancy gold buttons.  Just steam it, girl.

Manuel scored this western shirt and bollo tie from Repose!!

Daniel of Possession Vintage always keeps it real.

Here's John of The Cowboy Trip who has all the boots I want!!

Here's a spacesuit John has from the planet Xirqon, I'd say.

We end our story with a heart-warming tale, wherein Natalie (center) had ridden her bike to the flea market and shopped too hard, so she couldn't carry her stuff home in plastic bags on her bike.  Being the full service salesman he is, my bro David of The Love Bug vintage gave her a vintage back-pack for free so she could continue shopping with no worries.  How thoughtful!

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